Another Phony Veterans Group

I was reading an article on the latest antics by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), everyones favorite terrorist front organization, when something caught my eye.

Lt. Col. Sherri Reed of West Point told The Associated Press that cadets are “purposefully exposed to different perspectives and cultures.”

“The National Prayer Breakfast Service will be pluralistic with Christians, Jewish, and Muslim cadets participating,” Reed said. “We are comfortable and confident that what retired Lt. Gen. Boykin will share about prayer, soldier care and selfless service, will be in keeping with the broad range of ideas normally considered by our cadets.”

Boykin backed out of the event on his own volition, according to a report from Fox News.

The retired lieutenant general has been on CAIR’s radar for casting Islam in a poor light, specifically in speeches in which he analogizing the War on Terror to a war against Satan.

CAIR and the group pushed hard for a retraction of Boykin’s invitation to the event due to his “Islamophobic” views.

Huh? A Veterans organization has teamed up with CAIR to silence a General they deem insensitive to Islam? Apparently I’m behind the curve on this one. is an organization whose mission it is to push progressive causes under the false banner of being a Veterans advocacy organization.  I was given a heads up from Matt of Blackfive that the fine gentleman over at This Aint Hell have been onto this faux organization for years.  A few highlights:

Like I said, just because an organization has the word “Vets” in it does not mean its a trustworthy group.  When in doubt, send to the organizations who I have had personal experience with during my recovery at Walter Reed.



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