Veteran Calls Suicide Hotline; Arrested, Cops Trash House Looking for Gun

File this one under “how not to help a depressed Veteran.”   Via This Aint Hell.

“Corrigan telephoned what he believed to be the ‘Military’s Emotional Support Hotline’ because he was depressed and had not slept for several days,” the complaint states.

“The number Corrigan called was in fact the National Suicide Hotline. When he stated that he was a veteran, he was asked if he had firearms, to which he said yes. He said nothing about being suicidal or using a firearm or threatening anyone. After a short conversation, Corrigan hung up, turned off the phone, took prescribed sleeping medication, and went to bed.

“At approximately 4 a.m. in the morning of Feb. 3, 2010, Corrigan awoke because he heard his name being called over a bullhorn. There were floodlights outside his front and back doors and an estimated 8 police officers in the back yard and 20 in the front yard.

“Corrigan turned on his phone and found that Officer Fischer of the 5th District was calling him, asking him to come out, which he did at about 4:50 a.m., locking the door behind him. He was handcuffed and put in the back of a SWAT truck.

“When Officer John Doe I (upon information and belief, Officer John Doe I is Lieutenant Robert Glover) asked Corrigan for the key to his apartment, he informed the officer: ‘There is no way I am giving you consent to enter my place.’ Officer John Doe I stated: ‘I don’t have time to play this constitutional bullshit!’ and ordered that Officers John Does II-V, members of the Emergency Response Team (ERT), enter the apartment.” (Parentheses in complaint).

Corrigan says police took him to a VA hospital, broke his front door and entered his apartment without a warrant, where they confiscated his guns, vandalized his place and took his dog to an animal shelter.

First, who is the moron at the National Suicide Hotline who instigated this nonsense?  Having a gun in the house automatically means someone is going to commit suicide? This person should be fired not just for gross incompetence, but for the emotional trauma inflicted as well.

Second, why does the brain trust in this, who appears to be Lieutenant Robert Glover,  think a warrant or permission is unnecessary to enter his residence, especially in DC of all places?  Apparently Lieutenant Robert Glover does not feel the laws apply to him. (Apparently that feeling is contagious in the capital.)

Sadly, the trauma doesnt stop there.

Corrigan says he spent three days in the VA hospital, because “having weapons pointed at him upon leaving his apartment triggered his PTSD hyper-vigilance and caused irregular heartbeat.”

After he was released from the hospital and determined not to be a suicide risk, Corrigan says, police arrested him and put him in jail, where he remained for almost 2 weeks.

“When Corrigan returned to his apartment 16 days after being seized, he found that John Does I-XV had left the front door unlocked and unsecured, had left the electric stove on, had cut open every zipped bag, had dumped every box and drawer, had broken locked boxes from under the bed and the closet, and emptied shelves into piles in each room. All his tropical fish in his 150 gallon aquarium were dead.”

Corrigan seeks more than $500,000 in damages for constitutional violations.

Now, because this is DC, they have some of the most unconstitutional gun laws in the country.  As Jonn Lilyea points out,

The police found three firearms, a rifle and two handguns. I’m pretty sure the handguns were illegal in the District without reporting and registering them. And that’s probably why he’s facing charges for that evening, after nearly three weeks in police custody after the incident.

There’s more to the story, that you’ll have to read at the link. The only reportage I can find on this story is in gun rights blogs and blogs from the right side of the spectrum. So it doesn’t really register on those Liberals’ WTFmeter.

I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t have owned two handguns in the District, but apparently no one would have known about the guns if he hadn’t admitted it to the counselor, who I guess told the police. Not inspiring confidence in suicide hotline counselors here.

So this is how depressed Veterans are treated in our nations capitol. How revealing.


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