Lumberjack Gone Wild

Lumberjack gone wild?  He’s lucky he didnt kill someone (or himself).  All seriousness aside, I admire his creativity.  Now get this man a nicotine patch.

Patrons at a British pub were forced to flee for their lives when a chainsaw-wielding madman burst through the doors and tried to attack them.

The maniac, Dean Dinnen, 24, became livid at Hull, England’s Endyke Pub after he was asked to leave for refusing to put out his cigarette. He returned less than an hour later revving the saw.

The entire encounter, which took place on Aug. 5, was caught on newly released surveillance footage, posted to YouTube on Friday by the Hull Daily Mail.

Dinnen can be seen entering the pub with the saw, lunging at customers with the blade and overturning tables and chairs.

“Everybody was screaming and the ladies were crying,” Shaun Blacksaw, 24, told the Hull Daily Mail. “It was a nightmare.”

Customers threw barrels and furniture at Dinnen, eventually chasing him outside.

He was drunk and high on drugs at the time, accoridng to authorities.

Adrian Pryor, 32, was the only person injured during Dinnen’s rampage — his arm was sliced open and he had to receive 21 stitches, the Hull Daily Mail reported.

Dinnen plead guilty in November to charges of causing greivous bodily harm, possession of a weapon and property damage. He claimed that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone, but that he just wanted to “scare” people.


Remember kids. Guns dont kill people. Nicotine craving, chainsaw brandishing, pub crawlers, kill people. Maybe he was just early for the zombie apocalypse?

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