Nicki Minaj, Christian Superstar

It just wouldnt be right if we didnt have at least one mindless celebrity hating on Christianity at all times in order to garner attention. Fortunately we have Nicki Minaj to carry the torch cross on this one.  Because nothing says you’re “edgy” and “hip” more than the tired old act of hating on Christians (see: Madonna, circa 1989).


Strange, I wonder why they never treat Muslims the same way? 


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2 Responses to Nicki Minaj, Christian Superstar

  1. Low-hanging fruit as it were.

    I spent Sunday night watching re-runs of Coast Guard: Alaska on the Weather Channel while keeping half an eye on my Twitter feed. I’d like to think the majority of the people I follow on Twitter are common-sense, rock-ribbed conservatives, but even then I saw a disproportionate number of tweets about the Grammys along w/the various performances there.

    I can say without the slightest trace of whimsy or irony that I 100% made the right call in my choice of TV viewing on Sunday evening.

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