Lewis-McChord Soldier Charged With Theft of Military Equipment

This is a perfect example of how not to advance your military career, or make friends in the Army.

Nicholas SoltPvt. Nicholas Solt of Slatington, Pennsylvania, has been arrested in connection with $630,000 worth of missing equipment at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, according to Army documents.

Solt, 22, is in a Stryker Brigade attached to JBLM and is also responsible for a 100-Soldier lockdown at that base in January when the gear was discovered to be missing.

The Army maintains that the lockdown was effective in getting vital information for this case.

The missing equipment goes far beyond the random copy-scanner machine; range-finders, rifle scopes and night goggles were among the gear that Solt allegedly stole from the government.  At this time, it is not clear if he acted alone.

Munitions and weapons were not among the missing items.

According to a release from the Army, Solt faces a maximum of 59 years in prison if he is convicted on the six counts he is facing.  Those include:  Larceny of military property, entering a government building with the intent to commit a crime, attempting to sell optical and targeting equipment, threatening to kill another persona and possessing narcotics and steroids.

Solt has been in the Army since 2008 and deployed with the 4th Brigade in 2009.  He remains in custody with the ongoing investigation.

News reports indicate that 98 percent of the missing equipment was recovered by collaborating with ATF.

I figured he was in jail since his Facebook profile is still up.   I remember hearing about this story on the radio when it first happened.  From the sounds of it he may have stolen some PVS14 NODs (night vision goggles) and either M68 CCO (red dot optics) or ACOG scopes.  All of these items are used by the Infantry in combat.  So not only was this punk looking to make a buck off the military, but he was going to do so at the expense of our Soldiers fighting capability. Fortunately he was caught, and will get what is coming to him.

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