Veterans are Highly Disagreeable

Boy this sounds awfully familiar.  From This Ain’t Hell.

The Huffington Post reports that “Military Service Does Number On Vets’ Minds, Study Suggests“. The upshot is that we’re all disagreeable;

“Military recruits are a little less warm and friendly to begin with and the military experience seems to reinforce this–as after service, men score even lower on agreeableness when compared to individuals who did not go into the military,” lead author Dr. Joshua J. Jackson, an assistant professor of psychology at the university, said in a written statement. “Interestingly, this influence appears to linger long after the soldier has re-entered the workforce or returned to college.”

Maybe we’re disagreeable because of the stupid, moron civilians we have to deal with who think that we’re all suffering from PTSD. Maybe it’s because we have had to face the realities of the world and then we have to come back to the plastic world which is more worried about millionaire crackheads who kill themselves and millionaires who have 30-day marriages. Maybe we’re disagreeable because most of the shit civilians worry about don’t amount to hill of crap.

And while we’re trying to do our work, the gabby shitbag in the next cube is on the phone calling across the office to talk about American Idol…while I end up doing her work at the end of the day just to make a deadline.

We have to listen to the whiners wonder how we’re going to get off our Middle East oil habit, but won’t allow us to drill for own. Or we get to listen to their false claims to “support the troops” while they raise our healthcare costs and slash our defense budget while pumping up welfare and social programs. Or meaningless debates over “payroll tax cuts” that benefit no one and we all know will have to paid back eventually.

Maybe our service to the country gave us an intellectual clarity to know the answers, but no one is asking us.

How does anyone find this surprising?  We went and fought for what we believe in, and yet people are surprised when we stand up for what we believe in here at home, too?  Is it shocking that we don’t buy every line of BS fed to us?  Is it shocking that we would rather follow our own proven intuition and knowledge than listen to some whiny civilian who thinks “roughing it” is going 24 hours without their iPhone, or the 9 month a year government employee whining about paying 5% toward their benefits?  Is it shocking that we would rather wipe our boots on some self-serving OWS protester whining about successful people, than give them one second of our time or concede one bit of ground to their self serving agenda?  Please.

I’ll take the work ethic of any Private First Class in the military over any college sophomore you throw at me.  And I say that as a college grad who just put up with 4 years of lazy college kids looking to only do the bare minimum.  You want to see a disagreeable Vet? Be my group partner and say “good enough” after 15 minutes of work.  You may hate my guts and wish me dead afterwards, but there will be no doubt in your mind that the work we are handing in is at the top of the class.  Don’t like it? Tough.

I know I’ve been disagreeable since I got back.   After one has stared death in the face and fought for ones country out of complete selflessness you know what is really important in life.   You know who our allies are, and who our enemies are.  You know the meaning of “hard work” and you actually have a “work ethic.” You know what matters, and what doesn’t.  This completely BS “values” system currently present in society is not it.

Anyway, sorry for interrupting your day. You can now go back to American Idol, Glee, and mourning the death of the famous drug addict, Whitney Houston.

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