Girl Scout Cookies

I was just wondering, how long will it be until Michelle Obama’s next health initiative is banning, or otherwise modifying girl scout cookies?  How long until they can only be purchased in cute little four cookie packs “for our own good?”  How long until girl scout cookies are only offered in a “lite” version?  How long until they have been modified into the nutritional equivelant of rice cakes?

I ask this because we now live in a big brother society where government lunch officials are searching 4 year old’s lunch boxes to ensure they meet “government guidelines” as to their content.  And earlier this week Michelle Obama was touting her latest achievement of getting candy company Mars to stop selling king size candy bars. (Hey Michelle, did it ever occur to you I’ll just buy TWO regular size candy bars instead?)

So how about it Michelle? How long until girl scout cookies as we know them are a distant memory? When will you seek to ban them?  You know, “for our own good.”

(By the way, enjoy your french fries.)



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