2012 Warrior Games

My readers may have noticed my absence over the past few weeks.  I’ve still been writing, just not here.   Last week I had the fortunate experience of covering the 3rd annual Warrior Games for the American Legion.  I have to say that it was one of the more pleasant experiences I have had since I was injured in Iraq back in 2007.  Not only was it comforting to spend time around other wounded warriors, but it was nice to spend significant amount of time around the military in general.  I could continue blathering on here, or you could go over to the American Legion’s Burnpit Blog and read my closing thoughts on the Warrior Games:

As a fellow wounded warrior at the games, I found myself with the unfamiliar feeling of comfort in my surroundings. It was a feeling I had not felt since I was a recovering patient at Walter Reed in 2007. Despite the fact I was at the games as a civilian journalist, and was surrounded by many who had injuries far more severe, I heard “thank you for your service” more times during my one-week stay than in my last six months in the civilian world. At the Warrior Games, people get it. They did not ask a million questions, some bordering on the absurd or obtuse. They did not debate you on the merits of the war, or apologize for what happened to you because you had to go “over there.”

Go read the whole thing.

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