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Book Work

I spent a little time tonight working on my book. Here’s a little tidbit of what I wrote back in 2006. Its pretty rough gramatically, but it gets the point across. Enjoy. February 1 – 24th, 2006 Ft. Polk., Louisiana … Continue reading

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Book Intro

The post below is basically the beginning of the book I’m writing, Lumberjack in a Desert. Let me know what you think in the comments. I apologize for the language used, but I feel it needs to be conveyed exactly … Continue reading

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Alive Day

Happy Alive Day (for me anyway). Exactly one year ago today while leading a convoy back from LSA Anaconda, my HMMWV was hit by an Iranian Shape Charge. The charge penetrated the armor and promptly removed my right arm below … Continue reading

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Yesterday as my unit was going through their mandatory “reintegration training” in St. Paul, MN, I had my first real opportunity to talk with Army Medic SPC Krisko who saved my life back in December. In my mind I wasn’t … Continue reading

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I’m finally home for good. Technically, I’m home on “terminal leave” until September 1, which is my last day in the Army. I was really hoping they could change my orders to Sept. 8 so I could fulfill exactly 4 … Continue reading

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