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Still Living Strong

I had just earned a  pitiful (in my mind) 2nd place finish in the 2003 Lumberjack World Championships in Hayward, WI.  It would be the loss that would break my five-year winning streak of log rolling world titles.  As I shook my … Continue reading

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Veterans are Highly Disagreeable

Boy this sounds awfully familiar.  From This Ain’t Hell. The Huffington Post reports that “Military Service Does Number On Vets’ Minds, Study Suggests“. The upshot is that we’re all disagreeable; “Military recruits are a little less warm and friendly to … Continue reading

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Just when I thought all hope for a sane, moral society had been lost in the wake of Governor Chris Christie’s idiotic proclamation to fly flags at half staff in honor of another dead, drug addicted celebrity, I found a glimmer … Continue reading

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Nicki Minaj, Christian Superstar

It just wouldnt be right if we didnt have at least one mindless celebrity hating on Christianity at all times in order to garner attention. Fortunately we have Nicki Minaj to carry the torch cross on this one.  Because nothing says … Continue reading

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A couple of nights ago I talked to an actor friend of mine in Cleveland, Ohio. Not long ago, she spent her 26th birthday in Los Angeles, taking in a bit of the city. On her birthday, she went to … Continue reading

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