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Hometown Blues

Hello everyone… I’m checking in from Hayward Wisconsin tonight. This place is the center of nothing at all. Which makes me wonder why I tried to make it here in record time tonight. This place sucked growing up. If you … Continue reading

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Guardian Angel

Sometimes life is just not fair, plain and simple. Bad things seem to happen, right out of the blue. No warning, no reasons, no explanations, no remorse. Contrary to my thinking, there is not reason for everything that happens in … Continue reading

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Hello everyone…. For all you that seem to be enthralled with my life, I apologize for not posting last night. I was up all night shopping for a new laptop. I know, I have three desktop puters. Problem is they … Continue reading

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I’m gonna keep this short for the obvious reasons. For all those of you that might be calling me in the near future, I apologize for any problems you might have. I am currently having trouble with my cell phone … Continue reading

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Cadbury Bunny

Well everyone, its coming closer to that favorite time of year, where that little furry fellow comes hopping along and leaves those yummy little eggs behind. No, I’m not talking about that stupid Easter Bunny……all he ever left me was … Continue reading

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I AM Down With the Sickness

And I don’t like it one damn bit. As my father used to say, “I feel like I’ve been shot at and missed, and shit at and hit.”. Sad but true… I started my day bright and early at 10:30 … Continue reading

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