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Sorry, But Society Doesn’t Give a Damn About Veterans

I’m not sorry I did not join in your celebrations and activities on Memorial Day.  I’m sure the day off from work was nice, along with the three-day sales and barbecues.  And the weather looked perfect so I’m sure it … Continue reading

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Iraq and the Disappearing Anti-War Movement

With the ten year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, journalists are out in force to proudly pat themselves on the back and offer flashbacks (oftentimes revisionist) of how wrong the Bush administration was about going to war, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Current State of Conservatives

First the intro via Erick Erickson over at Red State: I think conservative media is failing to advance ideas and stories. Certainly part of that is because the general media has an ideological bias against conservatives, which makes it harder … Continue reading

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Media Continues Racism Narrative on Death of Private Danny Chen

Apparently the racism narrative on the suicide of Private Danny Chen isn’t going away.  From the Washington Post: NEW YORK — The harassment of Danny Chen, 19, started in basic training — teasing about his name, repeated questions of whether … Continue reading

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Dead Celebrity? How Tragic. Dead Soldier? Who Cares.

Once again the world is mourning the loss of strung out celebrity who was known for their ability to sing well.  Whitney Houston died as a result of her own reckless lifestyle.  Meanwhile, an American Soldier died in service to … Continue reading

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Although I managed to get a dry socket, the teeth are healing. Fortunately I have a high tolerance for pain (no doubt nurtured from many years of log rolling and boom running) so I’m running around getting all my stuff … Continue reading

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Deranged Media

There is something seriously, seriously wrong with today’s society when charges brought against some Rock/Pop Music star get more attention than a terrorist bombing that kills 27, and wounds 450 people. I don’t give a rats ass if it did … Continue reading

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