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Try Occupying A Job

The death toll for the OWS protests in North America is now up to seven. Health conditions in many camps have deteriorated so far that public health officials are demanding their closure to prevent an epidemic. In the absence of … Continue reading

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From the Washington Post: As the 2012 presidential campaign heats up, President Obama’s campaign team has set up a new Web site, AttackWatch.com, to challenge negative statements about the president made by Republican presidential candidates and conservatives. Obama for America … Continue reading

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Caregivers of Wounded Soldiers Still Waiting For Benefits

Problems with the VA?  Join the club: Nine months after President Obama authorized a broad expansion of benefits for those caring for service members severely wounded in the nation’s two current wars, none of the assistance has materialized and it … Continue reading

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Senate Democrats Tax Veterans

You can’t really blame Senate Democrats. They are simply following in the footsteps of Obama, who tried to make wounded Veterans like me pay for our war injuries with private insurance. I guess it’s only fitting they come after my … Continue reading

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Government to the Rescue

I heard Dick Morris talking about this on the radio yesterday.  How is this for government incompetence? It’s one thing to say that Obama’s Administration showed its ineptitude and mismanagement in its handling of the Gulf oil spill. It is … Continue reading

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Obama Kills Wisconsin Jobs

Well color me surprised: Up to 1,000 jobs at Bucyrus International Inc. and its suppliers could be in jeopardy as the result of a decision by the U.S. Export-Import Bank, funded by Congress, to deny several hundred million dollars in … Continue reading

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Obama Energy Fail

I started writing this as a response to some friends when I realized it would make more sense to put here.  As a technology education major I was required to take 5 semester classes that dealt exclusively with energy and … Continue reading

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Using Visa to Pay Mastercard

Let’s stop and hypothesize for a minute.  Let’s say your MasterCard is maxed out.  So is your Visa.  Same with the Discover Card.  You have a car payment you can’t afford.  Your mortgage is well beyond your means.  You’re barely … Continue reading

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SNL – “Will You Kiss Me?”

I don’t like posting the same stuff as everyone else, but this is too good not to.  If there is one video you take time out of your day to watch, make it this one. This pretty much echoes the … Continue reading

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100 Days

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